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1:30 PM – 03.00 clock Keynote Session II – surface modification and coatings David Cebon, Granta Design Limited Donald F. Gibbons, 3M Biosciences Laboratory .

15.00 bis 15.30 clock coffee break15.30 bis 05.00 clock Keynote Session IV – nanoparticles / nanomaterials Thomas J. Webster, Brown University18.00 bis 08.00 clock Dinner Banquet & MEMS commercialization system 8.30 8.30 – – Thursday, October, 2006 University of Michiganon V – Tissue Engineering.Imported food now account estimated 10 to 13 % the American Dietetic. The total of the food the the United States in $, $, wherein the estimations the year 2008 rose to $ 75 billionth This is reflected in over nine million records in the United States of imported foodstuffs and similar products annual include through of more than 300 the entry points at ports, border crossings and post.

Problems by the U.S. Food and suggestions: – To help to the understanding of Food Media import system of by the Food from Rutgers at Rutgers NJ Agricultural Experiment Station a new report that releases by the U.S. Food imported System. We have this primers Reportage, writers, scientists, politicians and the public to understand writing to help both the actual rules in and proposals for amending the food importing system, said Mary Nucci analyst of Food Policy Institute and principal author of the report. Although there is a great interest in food imported and its security, the information is required to understand the relevant issues is not widely spread.