$15 minimum wage for junk food employees?

The rise of the robot fast food workerThe real impact of the $15-an-hour protests by fast food workers is to motivate corporations to explore how human being workers can be entirely replaced in the long run. We are surviving in age robotics, where Google has recently developed a self-generating car that can navigate city streets and highways without any human intervention. Humanoid robots that can independently function in society are still a few years off, but tremendous gains have been made in motor control systems, vision recognition and mobility.At the ultimate end of the analysis, the patients saw an average 17 percent decrease in their overall plasma cholesterol amounts and an 18 percent reduction in their LDL, the so-called ‘bad’ cholesterol amounts. After the individuals stopped eating alfalfa, all of their blood cholesterol amounts rose again. The researchers concluded that adding alfalfa to the diet on a daily basis could help normalize blood cholesterol levels. Similar outcomes were discovered in-vitro and with rats throughout a 1984 clinical study. Here, the researchers used alfalfa grass and sprouts. Liver cholesterol, bile acid excretion and colon framework were observed in the rats.