A virus-infecting virus Using the Genome Sequencer Program from 454 Existence Sciences.

455: 100-4. DOI: 10.1038/nature07218.. A virus-infecting virus Using the Genome Sequencer Program from 454 Existence Sciences, a Roche firm, French scientists have determined a small virus that may actually become parasitic to a more substantial one. The study, entitled ‘ The virophage as a unique parasite of the huge mimivirus, ‘ appeared in the September 4 th problem of Nature . The partnership between Sputnik and the mimivirus appears to be beneficial for Sputnik’s viral reproduction. Alone, Sputnik does not replicate very well in amoeba cells. However, when the amoeba is also contaminated with the mimivirus, Sputnik multiplies and thrives in the viral factory created by the mimivirus.Pre-eclampsia is defined as gestational hypertension associated with renal, hepatic, neurological or coagulopathic complications, or fetal growth restriction. Females with chronic hypertension ought to be monitored for the advancement of superimposed pre-eclampsia during being pregnant. Pre-eclampsia, by description, resolves by 90 days postpartum.

ASTRO to host news briefings at the top cancer research papers The American Society for Radiation Oncology will host four news briefings with accompanying live webcasts on the top cancer research papers from its 51st Annual Meeting. News briefing 1 When: Monday, 2 November, at 8:00 a.m. ; 9:00 a.m. What: Information briefing with live webcast from ASTRO’s 51st Annual Meeting. Study results previewed: Four a few months hormone therapy added to radiation raises survival for medium-risk, but not low-risk, prostate cancers patients .