Acquired resistance to cancer therapies: an interview with Dr Rajendra Kumari.

We will continue to concentrate on oncology, especially areas of unmet medical needs, and continue steadily to develop patient-relevant models and technology that are better positioned in bringing new anti-cancer medicines to the patient successfully. Drug resistance and also level of resistance to radiotherapy are important areas for us to develop appropriate models. Patients frequently relapse after initial treatment and the cancers is more intense and spreads leading to poor survival. To be able to tackle this the pre-clinical versions need to reflect the patient effectively, with relevant biology and tumour microenvironment, progression and resistance.Follow-up ophthalmic evaluations are ongoing. Discussion We describe the detection of viable EBOV in the aqueous humor of the attention in an individual in recovery from EVD with acute panuveitis . In a earlier EVD outbreak, EBOV RNA was detected on RT-PCR assay in a conjunctival sample acquired from a 25-year-old patient 22 days after the onset of symptoms and 10 days after viremia got cleared. For the reason that patient, 45 days after the starting point of EVD symptoms, posterior uveitis developed; the patient did not undergo any additional testing of ocular tissue.4 Marburg virus, a filovirus like EBOV, in addition has been associated with uveitis during convalescence.