Actual female zombie attacks McDonalds drive-thru window.

Zombie feeds on Chicken McNuggetsDon’t you think it is amazing that the No. 1 food choice of this raging zombie is definitely none other than Poultry McNuggets? This is the same fast food delicacy Not long ago i exposed as containing unusual fibers in a series of microscopy photos used at the Organic News Forensic Meals Laboratory. Will there be some yet-undocumented link between Poultry McNuggets and the living dead? Discover for yourself. In this image, you can see the feminine zombie leaping out of her car and wanting to force her method in through the window: In this next picture, she manages to punch or get a McDonald’s worker: In this snapshot, she threatens to believe my ultimate form that i suppose means she is going to transform into a 12-feet combat demon: The McDonald’s employees actually keep their great through the entire assault, attempting to shield their faces from the starving McNuggets zombie just inches away: Here, the McDonald’s workers cleverly try to decapitate the zombie with the sliding glass window, which is apparently one of the few ways to effectively eliminate such a creature: Unable to get Poultry McNuggets, the female zombie is a lot more than happy to feast on individual faces.Before this forex transaction loss, pre-taxes income for 2013 was $438,000, net of losses attributable to noncontrolling interests. Net income for 2012 of $38,000, or $0.01 per simple and diluted share, included a pre-taxes gain from foreign currency transactions of $132,000. Before this foreign currency transaction gain, pre-tax income for 2012 was $70,000, net of income due to noncontrolling interests. Cash flow, as measured by revenue before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization , was $1,984,000 for the 4th quarter and $7,969,000 for 2013, compared to $2,067,000 for the fourth quarter and $8,306,000 for 2012. Balance Sheet Highlights At December 31, 2013, cash, money equivalents and certificates of deposit were $10,909,000 compared to $10,564,at December 31 000, 2012.