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Does this sort of sick, twisted logic make any feeling. Chris Cox, the executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Actions, called regulations ‘ridiculous on its encounter, since it presumes law-abiding gun owners are guilty for merely exercising a fundamental, constitutional correct.’ But, he continued, ‘it does reveal what Rep. McCarthy actually considers honest people who believe in the right to maintain and bear hands.’ Hypocrisy aside, they’re coming for your guns, period Normally, McCarthy is guarded by armed Capitol Law enforcement and other security apparatuses as an elected member of the Legislative Branch – a privilege she seeks to maintain for herself while preventing tens of millions of People in america from protecting and defending themselves.Kleiman, M.D., Stan Chetcuti, M.D., John Heiser, M.D., William Merhi, D.O., George Zorn, M.D., Peter Tadros, M.D., Newell Robinson, M.D., George Petrossian, M.D., G. Chad Hughes, M.D., J. Kevin Harrison, M.D., John Conte, M.D., Brijeshwar Maini, M.D., Mubashir Mumtaz, M.D., Sharla Chenoweth, M.S., and Jae K. Oh, M.D. For the U.S. CoreValve Clinical Investigators: Transcatheter Aortic-Valve Alternative with a Self-Expanding Prosthesis Aortic stenosis is normally a debilitating disease in elderly persons that carries a dismal prognosis following symptom onset.1 Although surgical aortic-valve replacement continues to be the standard treatment for aortic stenosis,2 many patients are not suitable candidates for surgical replacement due to an increased risk of death during surgery.3,4 Transcatheter aortic-valve substitute with a balloon-expandable device improves survival, in comparison with medical therapy, in individuals with severe aortic stenosis who cannot undergo medical procedures.5 Balloon-expandable TAVR and medical aortic-valve replacement are associated with similar survival rates at 1 year among patients regarded as at high medical risk, although the frequency of neurologic events is higher among patients treated with balloon-expandable TAVR than among those treated surgically.