Aged care needs an instantaneous boost By Dr Ananya Mandal.

They warn that the aged-care system, designed in the 1960s must be revamped. The coalition yesterday launched the Australians Deserve to Age Well campaign, to seek an overhaul of a system that will have to support 3.5 million Australians by 2050. That represents a far more than threefold increase on the current load, stated Ian Yates, Council of the Ageing chief. The coalition, which includes the Australian Healthcare & Medical center Association and the ongoing health Services Union, will also ask Australians to talk about the challenges they have experienced in the operational system.All rights reserved.

Extra data from Auxilium XIAFLEX phase III studies on Peyronie’s disease Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. These data will be shown at the Sexual Medications Society of THE UNITED STATES /International Society for Sexual Medicine Joint Annual Achieving in Chicago, IL. A baseline evaluation from IMPRESS targets the psychosocial impact on men with PD, particularly the amount of PD bother and distress connected with PD as related to the amount of penile curvature deformity. At baseline, outcomes showed that all examples of curvature deformity evaluated in the studies may be associated with high degrees of bother and distress.