Air Football works with people from traditionally socially excluded groups.

Air Football works with people from traditionally socially excluded groups, including people with mental health problems, drug and alcohol problems, the homeless and people in contact with the criminal justice services to them in meaningful activity to exercise and help them access to a range of support in relation to their health, well-being and professional needs.

Local sponsors are Fitness First.

Professor McAuley added: There may be up to 45,000 cases of acute lung injury each year in the UK and Ireland and up to 22,000 deaths. Only about half of those who survive are able to work work 12 months after discharge from hospital. After recovery from lung injury, patients can go to a poorer quality of life and many are not able to provide experience itself. However, this treatment has the potential of acute lung injury of acute lung injury and the time Queens University Belfast, patient must stay in intensive care units to reduce it could also greatly reduce the burden on hospital beds ..Kermit L Carraway III, found Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine at UC Davis Cancer Center talked about his research into the role a substance Nrdp1 on the path in direction malignity announced. Carraway team discovers that in the mouse and human breast cancer excess of Nrdp1 who have said level of a growth factor , such as ErbB3 droplets the inhibit cancer cell growth and the motility known. The same happens in of the mouse breast carcinoma cells with a surplus ErbB2. The growth factor is the ErbB2 your mouse equivalent the human HER2 growth factor which takes part in a quarter of the human breast cancers. The findings suggest Nrdp1 possibly have play a role in treatment of HER2-positive human cancer.

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