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The purpose of Rare Disease Day time is to draw attention to these diseases as a significant public health issue with unique problems. This year’s theme, ‘rare but equal,’ spotlights the healthcare inequalities that often exist with rare diseases. Specific objectives include equivalent access to health care and social services; equivalent usage of orphan treatments and medicines; and equal usage of basic social rights such as for example employment and education.This is when there is maximum prana in the atmosphere and the air is freshest. At this time your brain can be empty and fresh, allowing you to follow the advise from suggestion number 2 above, and doing all your practice with greater awareness. Summary of Simple Ideas for Yoga Practice: Yoga is a total research for personal and spiritual advancement and learning and practicing it well, will go quite a distance to helping you achieve your highest potential in this life. The tips above come from years of knowledge with teaching and practicing yoga and I am hoping you see them useful and beneficial.

1 in 5 nursing home residents with dementia harbor strains of drug-resistant bacteria A new study found one in five nursing house residents with advanced dementia harbor strains of drug-resistant bacteria and more than ten % of the drug-resistant bacteria are resistant to four or even more antibiotic classes.