All mainstream media networks leap about global warming fearmongering following IPCC report launch

All mainstream media networks leap about global warming fearmongering following IPCC report launch; No dissenting views allowed Man-made, man-produced skin tightening and is filling the atmosphere, heating it to unsustainable temperatures which will ultimately melt the polar ice caps and flood the world. That is the latest fear-mongering ‘record’ from the United Nations’ International Panel on Climate Change. Only, none of that is true, as various other climatologists and experts, including those at NASA, reported as soon as a few years ago [Observe also: Of course, non-e of this makes very much difference to the alarmist mainstream press, most of which has bought into and reported verbatim disproven nonsense regarding nonexistent global warming crises that is still being espoused from people like former Vice President Al Gore, whose personal predictions of melting polar caps have already been seriously debunked [ The mainstream media is still breathlessly reporting the lie In response to the most recent junk research reporting by the IPCC, the big networks and many of the cable information outlets breathlessly reported the arriving end of the globe . Indeed, the Media Research Middle notes that CBS News even aired a declare that temps had risen ‘more than 200 degrees’ . Per MRC: Predictably, the evening news displays on ABC, CBS and NBC Sept. 27 repeated the IPCC’s dire warnings without including any skeptics and without mentioning past failures such as for example their inability to accurately predict warming or sea level rise. ABC’s ‘Globe Information with Diane Sawyer,’ NBC ‘Nightly News’ and CBS ‘Evening Information’ all failed to include criticism of the IPCC apart from a swipe against ‘skeptics’ on ABC. NBC continued to link weather events like Hurricane Sandy to environment transformation while CBS aired a statistic that one scientist called ‘meaningless.’ The words ‘Big Warning’ glaring on screen, ABC News said the report was ‘landmark,’ and that it originated from ‘top researchers.’ Reporter Dan Harris continued to talk about events like superstorm Sandy, caution ominously that the ‘UN report says we are seeing much more of these kinds of issues in the coming years due to climate switch. .’ But of course, hasn’t the IPCC been saying such things for years? Yes. Harris acknowledged that others got differing viewpoints about them, but he tore into them instantly, mockingly stating that ‘skeptics have predictably accused the UN panel of being alarming, but Princeton climate scientist Michael Oppenheimer, who is on the panel, says this is a major wake-up contact.’ Yeah, about that Oppenheimer. He’s been accused of engaging in activist junk technology by other researchers, relating to meteorologist Anthony Watts’ website. Just, Harris didn’t bother to mention that. Changing the vocabulary to continue the false narrative In addition to the tons of evidence that today exists debunking this stuff, there are other rather obvious things that should suggestion you off that the ‘global warming’ group is filled with it. First off, why do they maintain changing the language? For years the big scare was ‘global warming.’ When that wouldn’t work, these alarmists changed it to ‘climate change.’ Today, it’s morphing into ‘climate disruption.’ And all of this after the ‘global cooling’ scares of the 1970s. Further, because the hard data present that global warming hasn’t really progressed in the last 15 years, wouldn’t you imagine that men like Gore and all of the researchers and climatologists on the IPCC would be content? But they’re not; they’re simply as miserable and as dire as usually. And their shtick hasn’t changed one iota: ‘The world continues to be going to end up being swallowed up by the seas! I swear!’ Heck, if I were them, I would have recently come out and used credit for being part of the global warning movement that saved the earth – but they’re not really doing that either. They are simply just doubling down on the alarming nonsense. It really is painfully obvious now to all however the many ardent zealots that global warming/climate modification is a sham. Nevertheless, you won’t listen to the mainstream media giving much insurance to the proof. But attitudes seem different elsewhere. The Korean wellness ministry is usually reportedly looking into allegations that the Seoul-based company RNL Bio supplied free stem cell treatments to politicians and superstars in return for claims of eased regulations on stem cell therapies. (Stem cell remedies are illegal in Korea. The actions comes in response to reviews that two different people died once they received stem cell shots from RNL as anti-aging treatments. Beyond its borders, RNL Bio appears to be gaining a foothold in america also.