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Ora Horovitz, vice president of business development for BGN Technologies, the technology transfer and commercialization subsidiary of BGU. Our microalgae biotechnology Laboratory continues to be a leading innovator in its work on microalgae and its products available Negev resources like brackish water and its very abundant sunlight BGU is still valuable pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, biofuels biofuels and other potential alternative energy sources. .. Mutantlgae burden of Ben-Gurion U researchers isolated was able to lower cholesterolBen – Gurion University of the Negev researchers have a microalgal strain that large quantities of polyunsaturated fatty acids blood pressure blood pressure, chronic inflammation and could produce isolated cholesterol in the blood, thereby.Europe remember Africa Malaria Day in Brussels, with briefings both for the Parliament buildings European Union Committee of the Funds and the Belgian Senate, how effective partnerships on fight against malaria control.

However, only 17 of 34 countries currently. Use of these medications to their health systems Financing of of such care come a large extent for financing from the GFATM the fight against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria – however often implementation bottlenecks at the national level avoid which scale-up of Acts. Greater than ever, we must ACT ACT together when we want to reverse the course of malaria and greater financial Inventory Resources, states require major technical support the management and procurement to the implementation of their plans, said Prof. Awa Marie Coll-Seck, Executive Secretary of Roll Back Malaria Partnership, declared to African – malaria Day theme which be used a wordplay in order to access across the malarial communion for action :.