As one element of a daily sun-protection strategy.

The American Academy of Dermatology will continue steadily to monitor scientific proof related to sunscreen ingredients and their effectiveness to help guide patients and the general public.’.. AAD reiterates security and efficiency of sunscreens against UV radiation The American Academy of Dermatology today reiterated the safety and effectiveness of sunscreens to protect against the damaging effects from contact with ultraviolet radiation. As one element of a daily sun-protection strategy, sunscreen can be an important device in the fight skin cancer, including melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancers.Dr Charlotte Proby, a respected dermatologist for Cancer Analysis UK, says: ‘Many teenagers have grown up with an obsession about getting a tan on christmas. But young epidermis is very vulnerable to UV radiation. Unless young people change their practices and learn to protect themselves correctly in sunlight we could be heading for a skin cancer time bomb.’ Experts dread that while teenagers are continuously warned about the risks of holiday binge drinking and unprotected sex not enough is being done to alert them to the risks of irresponsible behaviour in the sun. The survey has prompted Cancer Research UK and the Section of Health to spotlight teenagers and mothers of small children in the second calendar year of their jointly funded SunSmart advertising campaign launched today.