ASPs French affiliate marketer acquires Gloster Europe Advanced Sterilization Products.

And Western European countries and as high as 15 % in emerging markets.. ASP’s French affiliate marketer acquires Gloster Europe Advanced Sterilization Products , a leading global infection avoidance solution provider, announced today the acquisition by its French affiliate, Apsis S.A.S., of Gloster Europe, a privately held programmer of innovative disinfection technologies and processes to prevent healthcare-acquired infections. Conditions of the acquisition were not disclosed. Gloster Europe styles and markets a forward thinking area decontamination technology that delivers disinfection of patient conditions such as for example hospital and operating rooms.Proceeds from commercialization licenses, including milestone and royalty payments, will be shared between ACT and Roslin Cells. ‘The partnership with Roslin Cells is continuing to grow out of our initiatives in European countries in the last year, and comes as part of our close initiatives with the Scottish Development agency. Combined with the recent announcement of our European Orphan medication designation filing inside our Stargardt’s disease treatment program, the relationship with Roslin Cells signals the growth of our commercial initiatives in Europe, and, more broadly, markets around the global globe,’ said ACT’s Interim Chairman and CEO, Gary Rabin.