but with over-consuming and over-indulging also.

Think about maintaining your weight, not really about losing weight during the holidays. Staying rigid can lead to over-eating. Overlook the basic notion of being ‘perfect,’ it is difficult to be perfect during the most ideal situations; much less during a time of countless buffets and parties. Eat prior to the partyNever reach a ongoing party or event hungry. Eating a light, healthful snack such as raw vegetables with salsa, an apple, or small green smoothie before an party or event will leave you better equipped to make better food choices. Rethink bakingLove the idea of getting out the rolling pins, cookie cutters, and vacation apron? This year, substitute your traditional body fat and sugar laden dishes with healthy new types.De Ruyter, M.Sc., Margreet R. Olthof, Ph.D., Jacob C. Seidell, Ph.D., and Martijn B. Katan, Ph.D.: A Trial of Sugar-free or Sugar-Sweetened Drinks and BODYWEIGHT in Children The increased prevalence of obesity in children, a major medical condition,1,2 has coincided with a big increase in the intake of sugar-sweetened beverages.3 These drinks are considered to become more fattening than solid foods because they do not lead to a sense of satiety.4 Thus, kids who increase their intake of sugar-sweetened beverages may not reduce their intake of calories from other foods and beverages, with a resultant increase in total energy weight and intake gain.