Chih-Chuan Yu.

Abatacept, a costimulatory inhibitor that targets B7-1, is currently approved for the treating rheumatoid arthritis and has been utilized to treat other autoimmune illnesses.3,12-14 Using abatacept, we successfully induced a partial or complete remission in five patients with primary or recurrent FSGS. Our clinical and in vitro data, taken together, indicate that podocyte B7-1 induction in major and recurrent FSGS offers a rationale for using abatacept to treat a subgroup of patients with proteinuric kidney illnesses. The analysis of a series of 22 randomly selected biopsy specimens of native individual kidneys identified a subpopulation of patients with minimal-change disease or primary FSGS who had B7-1 immunostaining of podocytes. On the other hand, immunostaining for B7-1 was negative in 4 of 5 biopsy specimens obtained from patients with secondary FSGS, despite considerable podocyte injury.Belgium-based Solvay Pharmaceuticals will add a lot more than $3 billion in annual sales, the majority outside the U.S. Solvay offers significant presence and infrastructure in key high-growth emerging markets, including Eastern Asia and European countries. Emerging marketplaces are growing faster and raising in importance because of demographics, increasing incomes and expanded treatment of chronic disease. The acquisition will also add approximately $500 million to Abbott’s annual pharmaceutical R&D investment, providing Abbott with the chance to further accelerate near and long-term pharmaceutical growth.