Chronic headaches or other neurological problems.

Analysis of axonal injury is tough because CT scans are designed to identify bleeding in the brain, rather than more subtle injury to neurons, the cells responsible for cognitive functioning. Axons constitute the bulk of the neuron’s framework. Axons travel in clusters, providing a link with different areas of the mind through sensitive, spaghetti-like strands. When axon fibers are strained or stretched, they stop working and the entire cell dies. Blows to the relative head, falls, or unexpected deceleration from motor vehicle accidents can cause axonal accidents. In a pilot study, Bazarian investigated whether a fresh type of brain scan called Diffusion Tensor Imaging , a dynamic form of the well-known MRI, could detect axonal damage from a minor injury. He studied the DTI scans of six people with mild concussions, and compared them to six scans of non-injured brains.We describe a family in which IHH was connected with a homozygous frameshift mutation of the GNRH1 gene that completely deleted the GnRH decapeptide sequence. Case Reports In a grouped family originating from a Transylvanian mountain village in Romania, two of four children of nonconsanguineous parents were found to have IHH. The index case was a young man who was referred at 18 years of age because pubertal development hadn’t occurred . He had typical signs of total hypogonadism, with little intrascrotal testes , no pubic locks , and a microphallus.