Concerns have been expressed.

Some children TYLENOL Meltaways 80 mg packaged and children TYLENOL SoftChews 80 mg are in a blister package designed to be convenient for parents who need dosing flexibility depending on the age and weight of of the child. The package design includes blister cavities that contain a tablet while other cavities contain two tablets. Concerns have been expressed, In addition, some on the package and on the back of the tablet cavities may erroneously suggest to the consumer that two tablets provide a total of 80 mg of the active ingredient, acetaminophen, when two tablets would actually provide 160 mg of acetaminophen.

AHF hopes that all those who are territorial in the HIV health sector, including the National Alliance of State & AIDS Directors – would support this approach reasonable and common sense. .. Taking more than the recommended dose of acetaminophen can cause liver damage if you given the product for fever or pain during the course of a three or five-day period by the marking.

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