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Centers for Disease Prevention and Control researchers found. About 94 % of kindergarteners also received the two-dose vaccine for chickenpox in the 39 states where it is required, the findings showed. Overall, the news headlines is gratifying. Though they could not always get the news, the overwhelming most parents continue steadily to protect their children with recommended vaccinations, Dr. Anne Schuchat, director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Illnesses, said during a media briefing. But there are some areas in the country that have shown resistance to immunization. Seven states had significantly less than 90 % coverage for the measles/mumps/rubella vaccine. Those continuing says are Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, North Dakota and Washington.Pylori contamination has been associated with the pathogenesis of autoimmune pancreatitis,19-21 we made a decision to evaluate the AIP1-7 peptide sequence with known bacterial protein sequences in a protein data bank , using BLASTP software from the essential Local Alignment Search Tool network services of the National Middle for Biotechnology Details . We discovered that the peptide acquired a high amount of homology with the PBP encoded by H. Pylori . We then synthesized the bacterial peptide called PBP peptide and used it to test the panel of serum specimens from the sufferers.