If the patient too many breaths do his / her heart does not completely fill with blood.

If the patient too many breaths do his / her heart does not completely fill with blood. This means that through your body through your body every time you compress the chest down. This probably explains why the survival rate is so low in patients who are given CPR. You can read about this study in the journal Circulation.

CPR is resuscitation.A team of Medical College of Wisconsin investigated the benefit of a medical device. When looking at this device, they discovered that paramedics gave 22-37 breaths per minute instead of 12 If you go CPR classes, you are taught you should give the patients 12 breaths per minute. Tom Aufderheide, team leader that they noticed the paramedics were exaggerating the CPR breathing.. Done correctly patient too many breathsIt seems that many physicians are overdoing it when it comes to CPR.VARI President and Research Director, Jeffrey M. NMTRC said the study would be who an immediate effect.’This expenses speaks to the emergency of all participants, ‘said Trent, ‘This initiative promises a profound effect to pediatric patient around the country, and over the next few years around the world.

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