In addition to chemotherapy after radiotherapy was shown to be ineffective given.

The median survival event was 1.0 years in the radiotherapy group, 2 in the SIM-alone group, 0 in the SUB alone group and 1.0 years in the SIM+ SUB group.. NKI current work builds on the I – portal technology as well as earlier design and research conducted and patented by the University of Pittsburgh NCI licensed rights at the University intellectual property to market. In addition to chemotherapy after radiotherapy was shown to be ineffective given. It did not improve survival and doubled the rate of toxicity.Of the 74 % of the patients who were not operated on, the median survival time was 2.6 years in the radiotherapy group and 4.7 in the SIM alone group, 3 in the SUB alone group and 2.7 years in the SIM+ SUB group.

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