In the July in the July August issue of Public Health.

In the July – in the July – August issue of Public Health, researchers found that 26.7 % of the homeless adults tested and interviewed in downtown Los Angeles ‘ Skid Row were with the hepatitis C virus infected – more than 10 times the 2 % rate in the general U.S. Population. Of the respondents, 46.1 % were not, that they are infected. Four % of the respondents were HIV positive.

– This and previous studies indicate that urban homeless adults are at high risk for HCV infection in the United States, concluded the researchers. About half of the HCV HCV no need of their infection status. Homeless adults interventions that HCV education, counseling, voluntary testing and treatment included. HCV prevention and treatment programs are modeled after the relevant successful interventions for U.S. Homeless people with advanced HIV / AIDS.

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