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In the past 40 years, doctors have to be able to prednisone, and reverse some symptoms of GCA by prescribing prednisone, to be taken daily for a year or longer. Patients improve rapidly and reliably, within a few days, if we treat them, says co-director of Cornelia M . Kathleen B. And Mason I. Damage Center for Human Immunology at Emory University and author of the paper. The problem is that patients have to take for a long time and in high doses, prednisone, and they are at risk of developing side effects. Common side effects include high blood pressure, diabetes and osteoporosis.

The UN Committee conclude expected for the Elimination of Discrimination against Women publish publish a draft report by the Czech Republic government is saying is not entirely allegations that more than 80 Roma or Gypsies, from 1986 to 2004 women in the country have been without informed consent, the Christian Science Monitor reported answered sterilized. Forced sterilization of Roma women have been reported in Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania, according the monitor . The UN report comes after the December 2005 release of the Czech Ombudsman report on the cases that the allegations against the government were justified and called on the government, its policies on sterilization and people compensate forced undergoing undergo such processes said. According to the Monitor, the United Nations Committee plans call for similar changes in the law. Many of the cases involve Roma women giving birth for the second time by Caesarean section , which was told by doctors – often minutes before the delivery – that a tubal ligation is necessary, a third pregnancy and c-section was to prevent the Monitor reports. Some of the women say they were falsely told that the process was reversible. The health ministry said it investigated the cases. A ministry spokesman said, that Roma women were not isolated for the sterilization and that charges of sterilization without consent in recent years are misleading and unfounded. The Ostrava, Czech Republic, court in 2005 was the first court in the country against a hospital in a sterilization rule, doctors say do not consent in the 2001 sterilization of Helena Ferencikova get. Ordered hospital, which was ordered to apologize, laid against the judgment (Christian Science Monitor.

But now proposes of innovative research at Weill Cornell Medical College to M. Tuberculosis has an even more undreamed weakness in – one that by Dr. Prime target for drug development. ‘With new techniques we an important membrane protein the is for the defense of, tuberculosis ascends towards to the acidic environment by immune cells called macrophages identified Excluding that protein, called Rv3671c, the bacteria sensitive to acidification and sacrificed,’explains head writer Omar H. Postdoc in laboratory from degree co-senior writer Dr. Sabine Honors, associate professor of Microbiology and Immunology of at Weill Cornell Medical College. Do not does not related upon Rv3671c in standard growth conditions in a test tube has has was overlooked as candidate the target, ‘Dr. Say also senior author of studies and which RA Pritchett Professor of Microbiology. He is also chairman of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology. Went One of innovations have to degree to investigate of M. Tuberculosis, how it interacts with the bone marrow macrophages during the infectious process.