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Adults with diabetes need to know that the work with their doctor to manage their blood sugar levels, it is also important with their doctor with their doctor to manage their risk of heart disease. .

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Know the goes public with his diabetes, his connection to heart disease warnDick Clark publicly for the first time type type 2 diabetes. Known as America’s oldest teenager , was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 1994, but kept the news private until now. To support this announcement, Mr. Clark Admission is start in the American Association of Diabetes Educators to Diabetes: Know the Heart Part, a national public education campaign, the Americans to alert to the fact that diabetes and heart disease closely related. – The diabetes and heart disease awareness campaign Merck & Co.In addition, the scientists presented a lug to finding springs the coastal pollution as a as well as the estimate of the physical values of these areas and the prices which generating dirt.

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