Lice genomes: Pieces Of A New Puzzletake parents and kindergarten teachers notice

Lice genomes: Pieces Of A New Puzzletake parents and kindergarten teachers notice. Lice are a familiar nuisance around the world and vectors of serious diseases like typhus, in developing regions. New research indicates that lice may indeed quite unique in the animal world . In a study online in Genome Research in the category of sucking lice, feeding falling on the host’s blood scientists recently have the genome one of these sucking lice, the body louse . With the louse genetic code mapped, researchers be for treatment and prevention to develop new strategies for treatment and prevention of infestation. Importantly, these sequencing efforts also included the P. Interestingly,tochondrial genome , and detailed analysis has revealed how genetically extreme these creatures are.

The group looked at mtDNA structure other sucking lice, including human head and pubic lice and sucking lice infest other ,, and found that the mtDNA of these lice is also fragmented. Interestingly, they report that ‘chewing lice, ‘closely related lice feed on the hair or feathers of other animals, not fragmented mtDNA chromosomes, suggesting that multiple minichromosomes may have coevolved with blood feeding. David Rand of Brown University, a mitochondrial DNA evolution expert, d exciting discovery raises new questions in the field. ‘Why is it limited this line why we do not see transitional stages of this organization in related lice? ‘Rand also asked whether fragmented minichromosomes for gene regulation for gene regulation. ‘This organization is an advantage for more control over individual gene expression in mitochondrial genomes? ‘.

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