Main author of the study Dr Nick Sheron.

– The transition from the late teens and early 20’s binge drinking pattern to a more frequent pattern of increased intake may prove to be useful point of the intervention in the future, and the importance of three alcohol-free days should be given each week to the fore .. The trial lifetime drinking histories of 105 subjects from studied and found that ALD patients drinking at a much younger age started than other subjects and had significantly more drinking days and units than non – ALD patients from the age of 20. Main author of the study Dr Nick Sheron, consultant hepatologist and senior lecturer at the University of Southampton, said: the tide of the the tide of liver death, along with an overall reduction in alcohol consumption – which means combating alcohol cheap and unregulated marketing – we have to find a way the people who find and identify the people who are most likely to develop alcohol disorders at a much earlier stage, and perhaps we need to pay so much attention to the frequency of drinking occasions as we do to binge drinking.

The design of microfluidic devices is restricted because of the power problem, Hunt said, but we can machine electrodes directly into the unit.Instead of using wires to route electricity, Hunt etches etches channels through the ionic liquid can transfer electricity. These channels, 10 thousand times thinner than the point of the i, physical impasse at their intersections with the micro-or nanofluidic channels in which analysis on the conducted lab-on – chip but the electricity in the ion channels can pass through the thin glass dead-end without zip the equipment in the process.

Of an accident.* Quote of Publication: de Boer RA, 2013; plasma galectin-3 levels observed heart failure with reduced ejection fraction and obtain. Annualized Medical 2013; Early Online.

The by the Division by the Department of Cardiology at University Medical Centre Groningen in the Netherlands. Results present prospective study in which five hundred ninety-two cardiac insufficiency patients were examined declare that galectin-3 is a powerful and independent predictor of adverse effects. The predictive value of galectin-3 did even after adjustment for established risk factors for poor outcomes in the HF, how age, gender, renal , and diabetes mellitus.

BG Medicine announcing new book about predictive value of of galectin-3 in patients with heart.

BG Medicine an life science companies to the discovery, development and commercialization of novel diagnostics, announced the publication* of a study the predictive value of plasm galectin -3 levels observed in heart failure patients with reduced ejection fraction and obtain..