Meileen Acosta.

Of the 61 women that are pregnant who underwent chest chest or radiography computed tomography, 36 had abnormalities suggestive of pneumonia or the acute respiratory distress syndrome , a proportion that was much like that in the nonpregnant group . Nineteen % of pregnant patients were admitted to an ICU, as had been 50 percent of postpartum sufferers and 30 percent of nonpregnant patients . Rapid influenza lab tests were falsely detrimental in 58 of the 153 patients who have been tested . Of these 58 individuals, 28 were pregnant; just 7 of the 25 pregnant women with false negative outcomes for whom information was available received early antiviral treatment .Reasons for the elevated prevalence in HCV among AH individuals, the authors suggest, are the concurrent use of intravenous medicines among alcoholics. Furthermore, alcohol abuse lowers the disease fighting capability, making users more susceptible to infections. The authors therefore recommend that awareness should be elevated among healthcare workers to increase HCV tests in alcoholic individuals. They conclude: ‘Studies must understand the mechanisms for these findings and develop better treatment modalities to further improve the outcome of sufferers with AH with an HCV disease.’ Licensed from medwireNews with permission from Springer Health care Ltd.