Mohammed Azharuddin.

However, the 38-year-previous sister described here acquired infertility but normal ovulatory cycles, thereby implicating another role for prolactin and the prolactin receptor in regulating fertility. Indeed, prolactin and the prolactin receptor have already been reported to have functions in the luteal stage and peri-implantation period, and abnormalities of circulating prolactin have already been connected with early pregnancy loss. The lack of abnormal findings on MRI of the pituitary gland in the sisters reported here contrasts with findings in female Prlr-null mice, which had pituitary hyperplasia by 6 months of age and huge tumors by late adulthood , as compared with male Prlr-null mice, which got moderate pituitary enlargement only at 18 to 21 months old.10 However, the three sisters are just within their 40s or 30s, so it seems plausible that they could have pituitary hyperplasia that is still below the limit of recognition on MRI or that such abnormalities may develop in later on life.In the screening experiments, anti-KIR4. P values of significantly less than 0.05 were thought to indicate statistical significance. Results Binding of CNS Membrane Antigens by IgG from Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis For the immunohistochemical analyses, we purified IgG antibodies from serum samples of 19 persons with multiple sclerosis and 24 with other neurologic diseases and tested for reactivity with brain-cells sections. We observed that 11 of 19 samples from individuals with multiple sclerosis showed glia-specific immunoreactivity if they were examined on human-brain sections, and 7 of those samples demonstrated immunoreactivity when they were examined on rat cerebellar sections .