Only the 27th Placement worldwide check full information.

Construction of the $ 2000 first phase began in February and included the installation of new equipment such as the heart Refractance Window Dryer , only the 27th Placement worldwide. The RWD process uses proprietary heat transfer technology gently, efficiently and cost remove moisture to get out of fine ingredients to create a product for color, flavor, texture and nutrients. To control a programmable logic controller and human-machine interface, all production and ancillary equipment check full information . The company plans to upgrade in the next 12 months, the product encapsulation equipment and a quality assurance system should continue. ‘We are excited about conclude our first phase are excited,’said Dr. Maureen McKenzie, Denali chief executive officer and scientists. ‘We have an opportunity the state the state of Alaska at the forefront of health and wellness and a new growth industry, the economic opportunities will Alaskans Alaskans different ages, abilities, education, and geographic location. ‘ ‘Our company will also be paid long-term jobs long-term jobs,’says Scott Haines, president, chief technical officer and automation engineer with 10 years of food industry experience. ‘We see the creation of dozens of jobs including production operators as well as the administrative, management and scientific / technical positions. ‘. More information about Denali BioTechnologies products contact Dr. Maureen McKenzie at 907th.

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