Professor Robert Souhami.

Professor Robert Souhami, Director of Policy and Communication for Cancer Research UK, which owns the British Journal of Cancer, says:’There is currently great interest in this field of research. We hope that enzymes such as this one will eventually offer not only useful screening tools, but also an effective method for monitoring colorectal cancer patients in remission, the rectum, and return of the disease can be rapidly detected and acted upon. ‘.

The British government is considering the introduction of a national bowel screening program. One of the tests taking into account the testing for occult blood test method for the detection method for the detection of blood in stool. A symptom of colorectal cancer The researchers hope Tumour M2-PK could offer a better tool to detect the disease.

‘We are now looking tumor tumor M2-PK in a large trial, but this enzyme has the potential to be an excellent safety net. It could be seen more cases of the disease and potentially unnecessary medical procedures with fewer false-positive results ‘.

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