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‘Collaboration and data sharing between firms have improved. Groups are focusing their initiatives in cities defined as hot spots.’ The email address details are encouraging. Czarnecki's research shows that for each dollar spent to control fraud from 2009-2011, $7 was returned. In fiscal year 2011, $2.5 billion of Medicare funds were recovered; in 2012, more than $3 billion was recovered. ‘Every dollar that’s saved from fraudsters can be reallocated to some useful purpose such as providing better health care or reducing overall health care costs,’ Czarnecki says.The Exceptional Scientific Achievement for Clinical Investigation Award was founded to recognize outstanding achievement in medical research addressing healthcare problems of old adults by an investigator who’s actively involved with direct patient treatment. Dr. Boustani has been recognized for his commitment to improving the care of older adults with delirium and dementia, his focus on the advancement of clinical evaluation treatment and tools methods, and his analysis contributions in improving the performance of healthcare providers and health care systems. Malaz Boustani is definitely a strong, vocal and visible advocate for older adults and aging study, stated Regenstrief Institute investigator Christopher M.