Said NJIT Professor Taha Marhaba.

Such report upon request For more information specifically about hexavalent chromium levels may also be available. – In general, hexavalent chromium can be found in either surface or groundwater sources and its source can be either natural or man-made industrial operations have used chromium, Marhaba said. The best way these this and other known and un – known contaminants from the water supply to a residence a five-stage a five-stage reverse osmosis home. They cost about $ 300. If you have your own well, I would advise you to test for hexavalent chromium. .. They cost aboutval of hexavalent chromium from your drinking waterThe only way to to find out if your water source has hexavalent chromium is to check with your public water supplier and request a water quality report, said NJIT Professor Taha Marhaba, a civil / environmental engineer.

The EPA has the following ‘best available technologies ‘ for the removal of chromium below 0.1 less than 0.1 mg / L or 100 ppb: a) coagulation / filtration, ion exchange, lime softening, and reverse osmosis membrane process. Are generally are generally used in large or ‘point of treatment’. However, there are ‘point of use ‘home units, ion exchange and reverse osmosis to remove the chromium below the MCL.

Therefore, it isan unlicensed medicine and may not be safe – Warns Medicines RegulatorThe Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency warned the people not to an unlicensed drug called Melanotan advertised and sold illegally as a use injectable tan the internet and in some tanning salons and bodybuilding gyms. Melanotan has not been tested for safety, quality or efficacy.Notice study showed that. An adaptation of cultivated, terminally differentiated amniotic fluid cells into pluripotent stem, which are identical to human embryonic stem cells, and making it much easier, faster and more effective than reprogramming of neonatal and an adult cells are .. The Mount Sinai researchers discovered to when over cultured adult skin cells, that amniotic fluid skin cell are formed stem cell colonies about half which period and delivered most a 200 % to the number of. Reprogrammed fetal skin cell even clear lowers the costs of producing patient – specific induced pluripotent stem cells reprogram reprogramming other cell types. Skin, which are It remains today is a necessity the stem cell research of an easy the reprogrammable the cell type, said the study’s lead author, Katalin pile yarn, Assistant Professor of Medicine, cardiac and Obstetrics, Gynecology and reproductive health Science, Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

Kravis Health Health, Roger Hajar, a professor, director of the Cardiovascular Research Center, Mt? Sinai School of Medicine, Robert J. Desnick, Professor and Chairman, Department of genetics Genomic Sciences, Dean to Genetics and Genomics, Mount Sinai School of Medicine;. Michael Brodman, professor and chair in obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive medicine, scientific.

Amniotic fluid cells more efficient to pluripotency than adults cell ReprogrammedIn aperture that would help is a critical need in stem cells research and patient care, a researcher at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine have shown that skin cells found in human amniotic fluid effective will reprogrammed to pluripotent , where they. Similar characteristics human embryonic stem cells at into almost any type of cell of in human body This study being now available online and will seem in print form in the next edition magazine Cellular reprogrammed , which the following month..