Schistosomiasis get information.

Schistosomiasis, a disease that affects up to 200 million people in Asia, Africa and South America is called blood flukes by parasitic worms that live in fresh water to spread. Scroll the worms into the human body through migrate in order not to the large intestine, small intestine, or the bladder get information . In the case of a species called Schistosoma mansoni, infection starts when larvae to cross the skin and migrate to the large intestine where they grew up and mate selection. The females then lay about 300 eggs per day in the blood vessels of the intestinal wall.

When you see a child who has Noonan syndrome, it may not always be obvious to the naked eye, but the complications with with the condition is very serious and can affect both physical development and other systems, said Martin Soeters, president of Novo Nordisk Inc. There are few treatment options available to help the physical development, and this approval represents an exciting advancement for children with this rare disease. .

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