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AAPS offers timely scientific programs, on-going education, information resources, and possibilities for professional and networking development. This workshop is usually co-sponsored with the Pharmaceutical Analysis and Manufacturers of America . WHAT: Together with PhRMA, AAPS is certainly pleased to present the workshop Current Developments in Stability – Challenges with Today’s New Products. This two-day time event will address the complex role of stability evaluation in the current pharmaceutical development process and ongoing developing environment, and also some of the challenges scientists will face in all processes. The workshop will consist of talks by specialists from the pharmaceutical industry, the global world Health Company and the U.S.More than a quarter say they can't sleep and a fifth actively dread the summer months due to pollen. Buying an air purifier is the most common type of defence in the home. Speaking about the results, Fellowes spokesman, Mike Booth said: We realize summertime is arranged to be always a bad period for all of those struggling to cope with hay fever – with high predicted pollen rates and intervals of low quality of air, and we need to be better ready for that.