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‘These email address details are of curiosity because few treatments are available for people who have breakthrough MS,’ said study writer Regina Berkovich, MD, PhD, of Keck INFIRMARY of USC in LA. ‘Further research, including randomized managed trials, are had a need to validate these preliminary findings, but the outcomes suggest a potential benefit of ACTH pulse therapy in breakthrough MS.’ While ACTH has been approved for use in MS relapses for several years, its cost has limited its make use of to only those individuals who are in need of a relapse treatment option to corticosteroids. This is believed to be the first study to have already been completed on its make use of as a chronic treatment for MS.Humana, which got the second-highest Medicare prescription medication plan enrollment in 2006 – – will increase monthly premiums for a few programs in 2007, but plans marketed by the company will stay the lowest-priced in 38 states . Medicare prescription drug plans will have a median regular monthly premium of $33.40 in 2007, compared with $36.01 in 2006, according to Avalere Health . Insurance coverage Medicare prescription drug programs in 2007 covers an average of 4,390 medications, an increase of 13 percent from 2006 . Furthermore, fewer Medicare prescription medications plans shall use prior authorization requirements or other utilization techniques, CQ HealthBeat reports . Generally in most states, about 15 or 16 Medicare prescription medication plans will offer you coverage through the doughnut hole, in most cases limited to generic medicines, according to Avalere .