The best data we have.

Atkins agreed that this study gives a clearer picture of the true incidence of cardiac arrest in young people. ‘The best data we have. ”It is still a very rare event,’she said. ‘I do not think the message that parents should be so scared that they do not let their children go for competitive sports. Some countries, like Italy. Binding electrocardiogram screening for young athletes The U.S. Is not one of them.

Cardiac arrest occurs when pumping blood pumping blood suddenly to the rest of the body. It is fatal within minutes without immediate treatment.This estimate , a young athlete suffering in 200,000 cardiac arrest each year.With 30 years of data from King County in Washington, the researchers found that the rate of cardiac arrest in children and young adults, about 2.3 per 100,000 per year.‘We want to show, e-mail Siemens is more than hearing aids, and that work in partnership with the NHS is vital for development and maintain strong relationships, ‘mat Norgate, the NHS Product Manager Hearing Instruments Hearing Instruments. ‘Solutions like AutoFit workflow will be by letting go the time of one patient to improve Rating travel. This means that audiologists among more time with their patients in to spend Value ‘.

Siemens Hearing Instruments is running a range of Partner of Choice ‘ road shows at venues all over the UK strengthen its commitment to support the NHS audiology department considering of increasing pressure increase efficiency.

Rob Countryman, audiologists from Siemens Hearing Instruments introduce on hand to introduce AutoFit, Siemens provides innovative Beschlagtechnik package to the NHS customers in the UK Siemens ‘ new set of IMPACT. Products will also be on show and are now available for NHS patients over the NHS Supply Chain will nation Framework. The new product range consists behind-the – ear devices, industry-leading customized hearing solutions have, plus an new receiver-in-canal.