The Hill reports.

Citizens buy health insurance] of the plan of the plan, ‘adding that ‘a public option is clearly necessary. ‘ ‘(Smith, Reuters / Boston Globe.. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer announced on Thursday that it the efforts of the house Energy and Commerce Committee, the house Ways and Means Committee and the House Education and Labor Committee to coordinate the drafting of a comprehensive health reform bill, the Hill reports. According to The Hill Hoyer actions show that House Democrats have ‘internalized one of the lessons learned ‘during the health overhaul efforts under the administration of former President Clinton, ‘when committee and subcommittee chairman squabbled over jurisdiction.

Hoyer committees on Health Care LegislationopinionStuart Butler, Washington Times: Federal Employees Health Benefits Instead of the deck stacked with a public plan to a new health care system, Congress could learn from the basic plan with its selected private plans as a safe-harbor options, vice president for domestic policy at the Heritage Foundation, writes in a Times guest commentary. Today, there is a refreshing desire to find common ground in the healthcare debate, see but the public plan proposal is fatally divisive and threatened potential potential right-left coalition, move push the country decisively into a government-run system, Butler continues. : Looking: Looking first at their own health system to Congress a better way (Butler, Washington Times.

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