The locus on chromosome four involves a group of about 200 genes.

The locus on chromosome four involves a group of about 200 genes, including some that are involved in alcohol metabolism. But to say that there is a tendency toward alcoholism behavior on that chromosome location-based not be very predictive, in part because it is unknown exactly which genes or combination of genes play a role in this behavioral effect is said Wilhelmsen. Our work shows that influence variations in genes in a particular region drinking behavior, but the basic aim is not to predict who will or will not become alcoholic, the goal is to try to the genes that play a role. Use them as us us learn more about the biology of the disease and then see if select this information for more effective to select individualized therapies. .

Ring of the Center for Health Sciences at SRI International, Christopher Amos from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Heidi S. Feiler of the Gallo Institute Department of Neurology; Drs Andrews, Elizabeth Tildesley and Hyman hops of the Oregon Research Institute, Benowitz of the University of California at San Francisco, Department of pharmacology. – by by the University of California Tobacco – Related Disease Research Program and the State of California.. The authors suggest that the identified loci – one locus on chromosome two, and two loci on chromosome four – preceded by alcohol use phenotypes that influence alcoholism.

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