The results of a major phase III medical trial have shown.

Currently, men aren’t generally examined for mutations within their cancer as time passes – which is why a significant focus of our research is on developing fresh tests to monitor malignancy's genetic progression in individual men, and ultimately match their disease to the perfect treatment.’ Professor Paul Workman, LEADER of The Institute of Cancer Research, London, said: ‘Abiraterone has already transformed care for individuals with advanced prostate cancers, but the latest trial evidence strengthens the already effective case for this to be accepted for NHS use earlier in the course of treatment.These symptoms included three sexual symptoms , three physical symptoms . The thresholds for total testosterone were approximately 8 nmol per liter for a reduced frequency of sexual thoughts, 8.5 nmol per liter for erection dysfunction, 11 nmol per liter for a decreased frequency of morning erections , and 13 nmol per liter for diminished vigor ; free testosterone thresholds for the three sexual symptoms were 160, 280, and 280 pmol per liter , respectively , with a threshold of 160 pmol per liter for both sadness and exhaustion . No thresholds were recognized for physical symptoms associated with free testosterone or mental symptoms connected with total testosterone .