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The valves have been tested in a mock ventricle of silicon by which the researchers The pattern and fluid flow. The pattern and rate of flow through the valves found, the researchers discovered that a healthy heart matched. ‘We recommend that industries test asymmetric prototypes for mitral valve replacement,’she says.. To see if a natural asymmetrical design, the circulation, Vukicevic, along with Gianni Pedrizzetti the University of Trieste and colleagues created aluminum models of asymmetric valves a similar size to a similar size to that of an adult human heart valves.

For example, the two flaps of the mitral heart – vary in size by up to 70 % – the flow of blood the flow of blood between the left atrium and the left ventricle. This arrangement, says fluid mechanistic Marija Vukicevic from the University of Trieste , natural flow of blood drives along the side wall of the ventricle, from where blood takes a smooth turn creating a large vortex that redirects the blood to the aorta , through which it exits the body.

Mechanical heart valves, however, are symmetrical in design – with two flaps of a mitral identical size – and that, Vukicevic and colleagues have found, disrupts the flow of blood. The flow of blood in the left ventricle through a physiological vortex if a symmetric mechanical prosthesis implanted disappears is characterized with such prostheses in an estimated 60th 000 patients are implanted each year in the United States, blood flows through the ventricular chamber then hits the opposite side instead of a revolution, what regulatory mechanism at a higher cost in the heart muscle and a disturbance of her..NICE been an independent panel an independent body by the British government in the year 1999, charged having the best from NHS Inventory Resources. Him examines the value out of care and decides whether it the NHS.

Complementary and alternative treatment make a complete analysis on NICE, and if the analysis is beneficial, they should be adopted either on its own and built with conventional medicine, they conclude.