To to evaluate statins as potential replacements for ribavirin in combination therapy asthma treatment.

To to evaluate statins as potential replacements for ribavirin in combination therapy, the researchers tested the anti-HCV activities of each when interferon interferon. Each combination, with the exception of including pravastatin had even stronger inhibitory effect on HCV RNA replication, as if the statin alone was used asthma treatment . Fluvastatin plus interferon again showed the strongest effect. We have clearly demonstrated that co – treatment of interferon and fluvastatin was an overwhelmingly effective treatment, the authors report. This combined therapy was more effective against HCV RNA replication than interferon alone and more effective than the standard combination therapy of interferon and ribavirin. Statins are good reagents for combination therapy with interferon in patients with chronic hepatitis C, the authors conclude. Furthermore, our developed OR6 assay system may be useful for time-saving screening of new anti-HCV reagents. July 2006###.

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