To understand the relationship between genetic makeup and properties such as disease susceptibility.

To understand the relationship between genetic makeup and properties such as disease susceptibility, scientists have to turn to genome-wide association studies, in which she was to compare genetic variants of people with a particular disease to those of healthy people. Such studies have linked many genes to diseases, but these links were often weak and inconclusive, possibly because individual genes often do not act alone. The impact of a particular gene, Similarly, what other genes a person carries, and the new method was developed by the team of Wolfgang Huber at EMBL and Michael Boutros at DKFZ, allows scientists to detect and measure these combined effects..

The scientists took a series of genes that are important for cell signaling and using a technique called RNA interference, silenced those genes two at a time, and compared the effects to what happens when you only or other member of silence each pair. They were able to identify a new component in a cell – signaling process , such as the Ras pathway in in cellular proliferation known, and is known to go awry in tumor cells..System in development would be for the first time, offering start and landing runway controllers by advice, based upon state-of – the-art computer models, at the which just take most of efficient, safe sequence in which aircraft could off. Currently carry runway controller their demanding task with her his own observations and mentally calculations, with a limited resort to technical tools.

Edmund Burke Automated Scheduling, Optimisation and design Research Group, for take off of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Nottingham: 0115-951 -4 206, e – mail, and to the doctoral candidate working on the project, Jason Atkin .

The research could will help perform with a computer – based system that starting and landing strip controller do a quick but effective scheduling decisions whereby a 10-25 percent reduction in delay for aircraft waits to take-off clearance..