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The National Institutes of Health and the Eleanor and Miles Shore Scholars in Medicine Program funded the work.Wendy Lawton Brown University Brown.Healthy Drinks Only – New trend hitting many U.S. Elementary schoolsAlthough more primary schools in the United States to replace sugary drinks with healthier options, unhealthy available be available to a third of public elementary school students to to a new report.

The study, published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, examined the availability of competitive beverages – those schools outside the schools outside the meal programs, vending machines, a la carte lines in the cafeteria of the school stores and snack bars – in public elementary schools in the United States.

The team discovered that more schools remove unhealthy options, such as sports drinks, soda and high-fat dairy , and replacing them with healthier choices, such as mineral water, 100 percent juice or low – fat milk. – Lindsey Turner, a co – investigator with Bridging the Gap, said a research program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation , which supported the study..Raloxifene The osteoporosis drug may be helpful in the treatment of kidney disease in women, a recent study Michal Melamed, assistant professor of medicine and epidemiology & health proposing conducted at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine Yeshiva University.

Adults suffers from for over 20 years of chronic kidney problems more than out of 10. Learn more half a million patients under treatment for Final-stage renal disease. Last treatments are desperately needed.

In the study, foreseen in the 6th Oct. Online issue of Kidney International, Melamed and Sharon Silbiger, Professor of Clinical Medicine and Associate Professor of publishes Bachelor medical education at Einstein, looked at data made the Multiple outcome by Raloxifene evaluating trial, a studies out of 7 705 postmenopausal females to osteoporosis conducted by 1994 to 1999. Level, were randomly assigned to to take either 60 or 120 mg of raloxifene a day or placebo, and received blood tests every year to judge kidney function..